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Adsorption filter elements for removing hydration (oil) vapors and odors. Donaldson® P-AK adsorption activated carbon filter elements consist of two filter stages. At the activated carbon first stage, the P-AK filter removes oil, hydrocarbon vapors and odors by adsorption. Particles are …

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Silicone-free adsorption filter elements for removal of oil vapor, hydrocarbons, and odors. Donaldson® AKP silicone-free adsorption filters consists of two filter stages. During the adsorption stage oil vapor, hydrocarbons, and odors are removed by activated carbon. Particles are then removed at the depth filter …

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Donaldson Engine Filters & Parts. We deliver a full line of aftermarket fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines, hydraulic and bulk tank filtration – plus exhaust system components. Air Intake. Fuel.

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Donaldson Turbo Tek™ filters are designed with proprietary media to help maximize performance and provide necessary protection for your critical equipment. Shop Products. We have filters available for all popular makes and models of dust collectors. Donaldson’s proven filter performance will benefit your collector.

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Lime/Activated Carbon Mixture Spray Absorption Adsorption/ Scrubbing Process Activated Residual Materials Fly Ash Principle of Waste incineration Donaldson units and filter media comply with high-est quality standards and are more cost-efficient than conventional products.


ACB CARBON BLOC FILER ELEMENS Q u a l i t y M a n a g e m e n t S y s t e ISO m 9001:2008 Registered: Important Notice Many factors beyond the control of Donaldson can affect the use and performance of Donaldson products in a particular application, including the conditions under which the product is used.

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Donaldson® activated carbon vapor filter elements are designed for the removal of oil, hydrocarbons, odors, and vapors. The A adsorption filter elements incorporate two stages of filtration. The first stage contains activated carbon for removal of oil, hydrocarbon and odor vapors through adsorption. The

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Aug 31, 2021· Manufacturer of five layered replacement filters made from activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth. Available in 4.70 x 3.10 in. sizes. Protects from airborne contaminant, dust, haze, allergy, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, hazardous chemical and heavy metal particles. FDA approved. Made in the USA.

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Donaldson activated carbon filter elements are designed to remove of oil vapor, hydrocarbons and odors down to a residual oil content of 0.003 ppm. DF-T The innovative three-stage DF-T filter combines three purification stages in a single filter element.